Enter the Bull Ring

Product launches, enhancements and previews

Trade more quickly, strategically and collaboratively. Today, we're launching three key product enhancements that will allow you to do each. Let's dive into the new features we hope will help you trade on everything. 

Bottom Line Up Front 

  •  Now, you will have up to $200 of immediate funding available when you make a deposit. 

  • S&P and Nasdaq markets now display charts of their respective historical pricing

  • We’ve built a community discussion board where you can talk about markets, ask general questions about Kalshi, learn further strategies on trading event contracts, and much more.

Immediate Funding

Trading on everything has never been simpler, and we just made it even quicker too. 

Enter: Immediate funding. Now, you will have up to $200 of immediate funding available. When requesting your deposit, you will get a portion immediately to trade and the rest soon after. 

With the launch of our app, our goal was to transform what used to be a complex and sometimes expensive process to a system that can now be done with just a few taps on your phone. 

Traditional brokerage accounts often have a delay between when a trader funds their account and when their money is available for use. Our instant deposits solve this pain point. Now, in most circumstances, you will not have to wait several days for funds to transfer from your bank account. 

This means you can act immediately instead of letting market dips and potentially profitable event contracts pass you by. As an added bonus, your entire deposits should land substantially (2-3x) faster as well.

The Logistics

Our immediate funding feature gives traders early access to their funds so that they can place a trade immediately. Traditionally with banks, it can take roughly 3 to 5 days for the transfer to take place. Similar to banks, customer protection is paramount to us. We’ve always had a concerted process of checks and balances before we approve a transfer. 

Immediate funding doesn’t bypass these protocols. It does, instead, take a parallel step to essentially “credit” you with immediate funds while waiting for your transfer to go through. Our new process is an act of good faith that your transfer will be successful. To further reduce risk, we introduced the $200 immediate funding maximum that any trader can receive. 

Most traders will have access to this feature. If not, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to fast-track you.

Better Benchmark your Trades with Historic Pricing Data 

We’re expanding research materials on our website so it’s easier to learn about market topics straight from Kalshi. To kick off the expansion, our S&P and Nasdaq markets now display charts of their respective historical pricing. 

The new historical data charts should further provide insight into how the market has reacted to a variety of different variables, from the regular economic cycles to sudden world events that you may incorporate in your trade strategies. Albeit, past performance does not necessarily predict future returns. The older the historical return data you are using, the less likely it is to forecast future returns.

A historical return for one of our index markets, such as the S&P 500, is typically measured from the first open market day of the year (i.e. January 1st or later) to the market's close on the final market day of the year (i.e. December 31st or earlier). Depending on the period you choose, each year's annual return is compiled to show the historical return over several years. Traders can leverage these charts to also calculate the average historical return. 

When leveraging our charts to formulate a trading strategy, please note that an average historical return doesn't mean that the stock price didn't correct lower in any of those years. The stock could have experienced price declines, but in the other years when the stock price rose, the gains more than offset the declines. Thus, the average historical return appeared positive.

The historical pricing charts give you more data to utilize in your analysis of a current market, whether it be the direct index markets, or indirect ones. They provide context into the current situation. Knowing how an asset, like one of our index markets, fared under certain circumstances in the past can provide insight as to how it might react in the near future. This is all under the understanding that the return won't be the same.

Enter the Bull Ring

Community is our currency. That’s why we’re rolling out our new suite of community features. 

To kick this off, we’ve built a public discussion board. This is where you can talk about markets, ask general questions about Kalshi, learn further strategies on trading event contracts, and much more.

Our communities are currently spread across platforms: public forums, private discussion boards, Slack, Twitter and more. Now, the entrypoint to our universal discussion board lives on our explore page. This can be the main and easily accessible source of truth for you to ask the Kalshi team questions, provide feedback, or merely get to know or strategize with other Kalshi traders.  

As a bonus, the member who answers the most questions in our “General Questions” category will get a $200 Kalshi credit.

 We love to hear from our members - submit market requests here